A Moment Through the Lens


As Minor White,  photographer until his death in 1976,  is once quoted as saying ‘No matter how slow the film Spirit stands still long enough for the photographer it has chosen.’

I do believe that this random ‘visitor’ to my deck has ‘posed’ sometimes for me until I got the creative shot I wanted. As a student of Taoism, I feel that even inanimate objects have spirit energy. Certainly, this beautiful Cape Ann MA gull has a strong Spirit.

I think that the former owner of my home used to feed him and leave water ~ I no longer do so and sometimes feel badly but having a little dog that likes to chase it away and there being many sea gulls ‘in town’ don’t want to get into the habit of feeding. Yet, the gull continues to come for brief visits; well onto five years now. Didn’t think that gulls ‘shape  shifted’ but perhaps they do and it is a ‘Spirit’ watching over me. Isn’t that a lovely thought? Hmm, Life is filled with essence and surprises and gifts. This gull is a gift.

Wishing you many spiritual gifts each moment. xxx

‘that’s all folks’

Through the Lens Weekend

postpudNew England in all its Wintry Glory ~ Hardy souls live here and thrive in all kinds of weather. Even the little Yorkie has her ‘bomber jacket’ for our brisk walks.

shadsun14Spirit resting here,

shadows fall ever gently

with warmth and loving.



Reflecting through meditation helps with the ‘monkey mind.’ If I reflect too long during the daily activities I have lost the ‘now’. My aim is ‘to be here now.’ ~ not in the past or into the future. My daily meditation and journalling seems to help me focus and remember my aim. Then I am reminded that I need to ‘get out of my head’ and move into my heart when taking photos. The above photo, I think, is a wonderful example of hearing the humor, the universal chuckle in my heart, the inner child in my heart. Play is so good for the inner soul. 

Come back again ~ we love visits and comments and you can even bring a ‘biscuit’ ~ I might even give you a kiss. ^_^




haiku lends itself to reflection, contemplation and obviously creative expression. For several years I had this idea that I had to ‘paint’ the ‘Spirit’ in order for people to see the spiritual in art or any creative expression. I stopped trying to do that; I let go and it was amazing what happened. My artistic expression became freer and I began to paint in a way that I had learned about several years ago. It was an Asian type brush painting and in its simplicity to me is very beautiful. I wonder or reflect (LOL) sometimes how that will fit in on ‘Cape Ann’ , land the ‘realist painter’ ~ ocean painter ~ boat painter ~ fishermen and on and on. I let go of that also and now am just working on expressing my spirit within and time will tell.  haiku is another Asian way of expressing brief poetry. I have decided I better listen to myself ~ I love simplicity! How about you?

Hugs and namaste,

An Artist Reflects