haiku lends itself to reflection, contemplation and obviously creative expression. For several years I had this idea that I had to ‘paint’ the ‘Spirit’ in order for people to see the spiritual in art or any creative expression. I stopped trying to do that; I let go and it was amazing what happened. My artistic expression became freer and I began to paint in a way that I had learned about several years ago. It was an Asian type brush painting and in its simplicity to me is very beautiful. I wonder or reflect (LOL) sometimes how that will fit in on ‘Cape Ann’ , land the ‘realist painter’ ~ ocean painter ~ boat painter ~ fishermen and on and on. I let go of that also and now am just working on expressing my spirit within and time will tell.  haiku is another Asian way of expressing brief poetry. I have decided I better listen to myself ~ I love simplicity! How about you?

Hugs and namaste,

An Artist Reflects



Edenton NC

Reflection on nature’s survivors. This tree as you can see is growing out of the water. It is not a swamp. It is a magnificent bay area in the northern part of North Carolina. I can relate.


tall tree rising up

from depths of flowing water bay

to reach the skies above.

Carol L McKenna

I wonder what the history is of this tree and will probably do some research to find out. Did this area get flooded long ago and the tree survived? How long ago? Time has a way of moving on and dancing to its own tune.

Going to ‘dance to my own tune’ today and enjoy the time.

Hugs and namaste,

Reflections on Life

REFLECTIONS:  This little one in the photo is my constant companion and provides me with much ‘food for thought’ ~ ideas to reflect on. She helps me to realize I need to ‘keep it simple’ ~ My ‘monkey mind’ loves to ‘come in’ and make life much more complex than it needs to be ~ How human of me.  Yet, there is an ‘animal’ part to all of us and needs to be monitored and directed. It is my life and I am responsible for it. Live well each day. Ride the waves of life as there is no ‘flat surface’ to life that is very interesting anyway. Enjoy.


snowing, snowing now

white flurries swirling in air

nature moving on.