More Reflections ~

Since my last post ~ long ago it seems ~ I have lost my Yorkie, Zoe of 14 years and adopted a rescue doggie ~ Angel ~ Very different personalities but both very loving dogs. Having Angel come into my life has been a very positive and loving experience. I am grateful that we are sharing these strange times together.

Strange ~ indeed ~ It seems that everything has changed so rapidly here in the land of technology and elsewhere ~ Time can be consumed trying to figure it all out each move that is made in cyberspace or whatever they call it now. The same can be said for the country of the United State of America.

Suffice it to say ~ it is best to try to keep things simple in order to live in this land of chaos. ~ It never ceases to amaze; the influence from the ‘top’ directly or indirectly has on our democracy. It is also a bit scary, at times, how easily people with follow a deranged and unethical person. From a psychological perspective this generally happens when people are vulnerable to ‘belonging’ ~ they have no sense of self and much like an adolescent they just follow the ‘bully’.

I am trusting in the human condition right now and hoping that they will will vote for the healthier individual to lead our country ~ not the present leader who has taken us down a very dark and dirty place.

Where will this country stand in November ?

It is all very exhausting ~ even ‘reflecting’ about it.