Reflecting on Life continued

Version 2Chaos in the Sky


Chaos in the sky, rather symbolic of the state of our country right now. Out of control like a toddler with no discipline. We have all been there, a toddler that is,  and at times still may experience our lives being rather erratic. Fortunately, most of us have had caretakers that helped us walk through the maze of this planet Earth. We now, as adults, know how to manage our lives in an adult like fashion. If you look at how the average population lives you may find that many are still ‘stuck’ in adolescence but at least have basic skills to live life as an independent adult.

Stuff ~ material things, surface appearances and status were important in the teen years. There was ‘peer pressure’, so named, that influenced the choices young adults made or didn’t make. Rather, they floated along with the crowd and allowed someone else to make those choice unconsciously for them. I do believe that if you look at the average population, in whatever age group, they are still ‘following the crowd’. It is easier.

Yet, Eastern philosophy, indicates that out of ‘chaos’ comes growth. Yes, reality, though, is that one has to learn from that experience and expand their perceptions and move on to a better path so as ‘not to jump in the same hole twice’. Are we there yet? Certainly, there are populations of people that have and are doing so. It is not the ‘masses’. They are still drawn to the ‘trends’ the glib talkers, the glitter, the promises that someone will make life easier for them.

I think not ~ Life is cyclical and one must deal with the good and not so good by their own accord. Yes, one can still be part of society yet not be consumed by it.  Be their own person, be responsible for their life ~ no one can ‘get sick enough to save anyone.’ Help, yes, but not save. Only the individual can save themselves. They have the power and give it away to many of the wrong people.

Are we giving ‘our power’ away to the wrong person?