An Artist Reflects This Week


Through the lens I find time to waltz to the beat of life. ~ carol
‘Trying to hide before another snow storm arrives on Cape Ann MA.
Because she will start shoveling again and I will have to help. Brrr’
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haiku for Haiku Diem Kai link
‘Signs of Spring’ ~ Crocus coming up ~ Hope they survive this Cape Ann MA wintry weather. More cold weather arriving on Wednesday. for Rurality Blog Hop link.



seeing gentle buds
eyes popping, flowers budding
 new season begins.

~ carol l mckenna

O ~ Overwhelmed at the sight of Crocuses coming up through the ice on Cape Ann MA.
  For Alphabe Thursday link.

Cape Ann MA sky pre winter storm for Sky Watch Friday link.


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QUOTE TO PONDER: ‘ Love is a friendship set to music.’
~ Joseph Campbell

Reflections of An Artist

Through the lens I see humor ~ carol

Oh No! ~ More of that stuff on Cape Ann MA again for Camera Critters link.
‘Feeding Frenzy’ on Cape Ann MA during recent snow storm for Saturday Critters link
Lovely reflections seen at Cape Ann MA local hospital for Carpe Diem Haiku link.
Also Haiku My Heart link.
Macro shot of handcrafted wall hanging for I Heart Macro link.
Asian style’ ~ brush sketch for Sunday Sketches link.
Sunlight reflecting on Cape Ann Harbor after the storm for Post Cards from Paradise link.

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QUOTE TO PONDER: ‘Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love.’ ~ Lao Tzu


Reflection Week


‘I wonder as I wander’ 

Cape Ann MA ~ an ‘island unto itself’ ~ Above is the Fishermen’s Wives Monument, a memorial, to all those husbands who died at sea fishing the vast ocean. 

I wonder what they thought as they went out to sea for days in all kinds of weather. It was a high price to pay for doing what many of them reportedly seemed to cherish, roaming the seas for fish to bring home to sell, a way to make their living. Now, there are few fishing boats and few men or women to troll the ocean.

I wonder as I wander this earth what has happened to the peoples of the world in  this 21st century. Technology seems to be paramount and relationships, men, women, children, animals are growing further apart each day? Is our world ‘fished out’ like the ocean? Was Orwell right – ‘it’s a brave new world’. Go fish.

‘that’s all folks’