an artist reflects

If I look bewildered ~ I am ~ 

How could this happen? Silly question. People that is how. I can’t believe that they would allow such judicial happenings. Yet, when you consider our ‘fearless leader’ ~ no surprise that the ‘in crowd’ would follow suit. Male Supremacy at its best. It is all a joke.  

How can I have respect for the leaders of this country? They seem to be ruling with their ‘maleness’ to have ‘power over.’ No one has the right to ‘power over’ anyone. Yet, they seem to feel entitled to do so.

Think, I will go and focus on the Red Sox vs. Yankees where the rules for the most part are  clear and most of the time those rules are followed. Do they deserve the money they make???? No!!!! Did I say anything, even baseball, makes sense in this country? Only to a point. It beats the options. Still love the United States of America.

Taoism would focus on the inner spirit to deal with the chaos outside of self. That is where I am; yet also, need to recognize the need to ‘vent’ to rid oneself of the ’emotion’ and then move on into the day. Going out for a walk and enjoy the day.