haiku lends itself to reflection, contemplation and obviously creative expression. For several years I had this idea that I had to ‘paint’ the ‘Spirit’ in order for people to see the spiritual in art or any creative expression. I stopped trying to do that; I let go and it was amazing what happened. My artistic expression became freer and I began to paint in a way that I had learned about several years ago. It was an Asian type brush painting and in its simplicity to me is very beautiful. I wonder or reflect (LOL) sometimes how that will fit in on ‘Cape Ann’ , land the ‘realist painter’ ~ ocean painter ~ boat painter ~ fishermen and on and on. I let go of that also and now am just working on expressing my spirit within and time will tell. ¬†haiku is another Asian way of expressing brief poetry. I have decided I better listen to myself ~ I love simplicity! How about you?

Hugs and namaste,

An Artist Reflects