An Artist Reflects on Mind, Body, and Spirit

Hats, scarves whatever you create ~ creating is good
for the mind, body and spirit.

Creating with your hands can add to your quality of living especially if you are alone or isolated and trying to cope with various issues of life. For example, hand work is good for anxiety, stress, depression, self-esteem, insomnia, relaxation, praying (you can say a mantra with each stitch or brush stroke). Perhaps, hand work may even delay or prevent dementia according to some research.. Also good for being with others such as a knitting group, especially if you have social anxiety. Creating provides a mutual task and relaxation at the same time.

Emotions ~

We live during a difficult time with Covid and the various strains of viruses now emerging. How does one cope with the emotions? What emotions does this time raise up for you?

We all get anxious at one time or another. Now might be that time. Anxiety impacts the mind first with negative thoughts and emotions are exacerbate ~ then the body tenses and the spirit begins to wane. While doing some hand work like knitting, the mind, your thoughts, can be controlled more and slowed down and give you a sense of relaxation. Herb Benson, of the Mind/Body Medical Institute who wrote the book The Relaxation Response, also did research exploring the benefits of knitting. Benson’s research indicated that 90% of the hand workers were able to reduce insomnia problems, and were able to eliminate medication in a program that included knitting.

There are other activities that involve creating, such as crocheting, painting, photography, woodworking, writing and many others. ~ What might you choose to improve you life today ~ this very moment? Time to reflect on what would be good for you?