an artist reflects

On ‘Lock Down’

Another exciting day at the McKenna resident ~ meditation and Yoga in the Spa Salon ~ writing and posting for blog in the Business Center ~ Lunch on the dock with Ahi Tuna later for dinner and lots of beer and imported wine before taking our jaunt by the Magnolia Shore ~ Now ~ onward and upward for a relaxing night by the harbor ~ 

Well, haven’t had my lung capacity checked lately but am not smoking more ~ in fact ~ have been trying to smoke less ~ I am down to 5-6 cigarettes a day ~ may kill me but I won’t die because of overindulged anything ~ LOL ~ oh, I did try to get an iced de-caf and a donut at Dunkin after our stroll ~  but Magnolia and Gloucester one were both closed ~ what is wrong with the picture????

My brain is getting tired of the excessive and scintillating conversations I have been having ~ Zoe is quite the conversationalist ~ Eat, drink, out ~ in ~ walk ~  and more treats now still vous plait ~ did I say, now??? ~ She does prefer beer (imported) and does not like wine domestic or otherwise.

Glad my son wrote that he has fond memories of Godzilla at the North Shore Theatre on Saturday afternoons ~ such education ~ what kid has that?

Ok ~ I am in for the night ~ ‘far from the Maddening Crowds.’ ~ No, I have not been drinking or smoking any ‘funny stuff.’ ~ Perhaps, bored out of my gourd?????