Back Reflecting Again ~

It has been awhile ~ Doesn’t mean I haven’t been reflecting ~ for sure.

Right now I am reflecting on how to work WordPress ~ It is a learning curve and I have forgotten ~ What and how and more. So I will explore and experiment.

A bit of ‘Our World’ on Cape Ann MA

This view from our home allows one to be a bit reflective each day ~ wouldn’t you think? I am most grateful for the location of our home ~ it is , indeed, a gift.The skies are always changing, incredibly awesome and inspiring.

Each day is a gift for all of us but especially as one ages. We all are aging. We start aging from birth. So live each moment like it was the last, perhaps, might be one attitude to take each day.

Photography is my chosen medium and so I don’t use a lot of words ~ The photo says so much more for me. ~ Do hope you enjoy the photography ~ and joy me in ‘Living in the Moment.’

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