An Artist Reflects again



Reflecting again and again ~ on life


Here I am in a lovely house in a magnificent location with a sweet Yorkie as my companion. I have been blessed with three good marriages and lost them due to death. I also have a son I am very proud of and just returned from visiting him and his family (wife, new puppy and 2 cats.) I am contemplating moving closer to him and yet not ready to pull up roots and move so far away. He has his life and I don’t expect him to upset that for me. I don’t want to bother them. Sound familiar??? Anyone???

So, I continue on with my photography, haiku and some art ~ more recently, etegami which an Asian art form that is very fluid with a few words and basically in post card size. One creates this etegami and sends it to someone. Hopefully, this will jump start me into creating more again.

Getting away was valuable as one is a bit renewed when one returns home. Though, right now, the weather is very cold and predictions for rain/snow tomorrow. Thus, I will be house bound and that is okay. Have plenty to entertain me. Walked my labyrinth twice today with my Yorkie and tonight will continue to binge watch NCIS on Netflix. All will be well if I live mindfully and take good care of my health ~ that is key ~ at this stage of life.


Here is my little ‘wonder doggie’ enjoying the beach which we will try to enjoy this week beyond before dogs are banned from the beach from April to October. If owners were more responsive in picking up after their dogs we would not have this problem ~ Ah well ~ c’est la vie. Enjoy each moment.

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