Reflections on Democracy

Version 2

When I reflect on the man we call ‘president’ of the United States, I am very disillusioned and wonder what is happening to the United States’s democracy. The man talks, sounds and seems to think like an autocrat. After the election, an acquaintance, I see when taking a walk on the boulevard by the harbor, was thrilled and began a rant ~ my response ~ ‘Well, I hope he doesn’t ‘sell us down the river’. Hmm ~ now feel,  in less than 1oo days, that just might be happening.

Have done what I can ~ contacting senators, state representatives, sent letters ~ next is a post card ~ yet I feel alone floating on top of an iceberg and constantly feeling the ‘need to know’ and then flipping to ‘I can not stand any more of this man’s inept behavior.’ The latest being barring certain medias from one of his conferences and allowing in others. This is America? Land of the Free? Home of the Brave? Can this be happening here. Yes, ‘Dorothy’ it IS happening. 

I want a new President one I can respect, believe, to guide us down a healthy democratic path. What do you want? What do you think will happen? Could happen? The ‘Emperor has no worthwhile clothes on.’ Even little children are reflecting and asking questions. What will be the answer? I am still reflecting.

‘Sometimes, carrying on, just carrying on is the superhuman achievement.’

~ Albert Camus





5 thoughts on “Reflections on Democracy

  1. I’m with you. I stand for equality, peace, hope…love. And no, I do not think 45 reflects these values at all. My hope is that we will come to realize our error – collectively – and make way to correct it. The one thing that will help do that? Love. I take so much solace in the words of MLK and Gandhi during these times….


    • Thanks for your comment ~ always good to find another ‘like minded individual’ ~ our country needs a healthy, competent leader ~ I hope we will be free of 45th soon and replacement will be a healthy competent person ~ Agree Ghandi and MLK are wonderful solace people ~ and strong.


  2. I’m not even in your country, and I understand well what you’re expressing here. Canadians certainly feel your pain. I love the Camus quote. So appropriate.


    • Thanks J Walters ~ for your support ~ we really need it and hopefully strong evidence will be found and a healthy President will emerge and 45th will be gone soon ~ I can only hope ~ Camus is always a great source for quotes ~

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